Jay Nordlinger

Both Sides, Now

Giving the devil his due: the Witches Sabbath from Boito’s ‘Mefistofele.’ Source: National Review

One Woman’s Service

Betsy DeVos: ‘… I do look at this as a service, with a genuine heart for those I have been trying to help for three decades plus.’ Source: National Review

Beware the Jungle

Robert Kagan: ‘The liberal world order is like a garden, ever under siege from the forces of history …’ Source: National Review

Two Men’s Destinies

Two Men’s Destinies Andrew Roberts was born to write a biography of Churchill (among other books). Two Men’s Destinies Continue Reading Two Men’s Destinies at...

On Leverage, Etc.

On Leverage, Etc. The United States has leverage over its ally Saudi Arabia. Why not use some of it to get political prisoners released? On Leverage, Etc. ...