AM Update

China Is Losing the Trade War in Nearly Every Way

Kenneth Rapoza, ForbesChina is still the world’s No. 2 economy and is still the monster of emerging markets, but regardless of those bonafides, Xi Jinping’s country is losing the trade war in nearly every way...

How Kamala Harris Could Win the 2020 Dem Primary

Perry Bacon, FiveThirtyEightHarris, the daughter of an India-born woman and a Jamaica-born man, spent much of her childhood in Berkeley, California, before going to college at Howard University. Source: Real Clear Politics

What's Really Toxic Is 'Toxic Masculinity'

Kay Hymowitz, City JournalFrom Twitter mobs to razor ads to APA guidelines, a cultural meme is doing far more damage than what it warns against. Source: Real Clear Politics

The Abortion Wars Have Become a Fight Over Science

Mary Ziegler, New York TimesForty-six years after Roe, the two camps increasingly disagree on basic facts about abortion — and who has the authority to determine them. Source: Real Clear Politics

To Fix Our Democracy, First End Gerrymandering

Neal Simon, RealClearPoliticsI now fear that, due to his role in Maryland’s gerrymandering case to be heard by the Supreme Court, my friend Brian may go down in the history books as a villain. Source:...

Cyntoia Brown and the Quality of Mercy

Carl M. Cannon, Orange County RegisterOn a warm Tennessee night 14 ½ years ago, Johnny Michael Allen took a fateful drive. Source: Real Clear Politics

The American Press Should Be Grateful to Trump

Rex Murphy, National PostOne of the delights of living in Canada is that we have the best seats to the drama of our friends to the south. Considered merely as spectacle, American politics is now...

How Media Omissions Shield Democrats on Russia Probe

John Solomon, The HillCounterintelligence investigations are by their very nature complex, nuanced and methodically slow, all facts that today’s news media outlets seem to ignore as they chronicle the Russia collusion probe. Source: Real Clear...