Blue State Blues: Clinton Lawyer Lanny Davis Exploited Michael Cohen to Attack Trump

Lanny Davis never cared about Michael Cohen. He simply exploited a desperate man to pursue the Clinton world’s vendetta against Trump. Source: Breitbart News

CNN election analyst on Dems’ 2020 race: “I am not sure it’s the time to nominate a white man”

It’s Harry Enten, a smart guy whose statistical pieces on elections for FiveThirtyEight and CNN I’ve linked many times. This segment has caught the attention of, among others, Newsweek, Breitbart, and Mediaite, where Colby Hall...

Blue State Blues: Democrats Call Ballot Harvesting 'Fraud' in North Carolina, 'Democracy' in California

Democrats are defending “ballot harvesting” in California as zealously as they are denouncing it in North Carolina. Source: Breitbart News