WATCH: Justin Trudeau Apologizes for Canada's Refusal to Admit Jews Fleeing Holocaust

TEL AVIV – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday issued a formal apology on behalf of his country for its refusal to accept Jewish people fleeing the Holocaust in 1939. Source: Breitbart News

Holocaust Survivor Recalls Kristallnacht ‘Night of Broken Glass’ Horrors

BERLIN — Walter Frankenstein was 14 years old when a police officer came to the Jewish orphanage he was living at in Berlin, urging all children to leave the building immediately because “something bad will...

Macron's Praise for Nazi Collaborator Marshal Petain Shocks French Jews

French Jews have reacted in horror at reports President Emmanuel Macron will honor Marshal Philippe Pétain, the disgraced Nazi collaborator who authorised the deportation of tens of thousands of Jews to death camps. Source: Breitbart...