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Democrats are Lining Up for Aggressive Gun Control Push Next Year

Following their typical line of authoritarianism, the Democrats are going to follow up their retaking of the House with their favorite losing issue. According to the Washington Examiner, Democrats have ousted 2nd Amendment friendly politicians...

Pharrell Williams Slammed by Anti-Israel Activists for Singing 'Happy' to Israeli Soldiers at Fundraiser

Pharrell Williams’ appearance at a fundraiser for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has drawn unsparing criticism on social media. Source: Breitbart News

Hillary Clinton Is Tan, Rested And Ready For 2020 Run

I’M BACK When I read this report that Hillary is thinking about running in 2020 in a rematch against President Trump the first thought that popped into mind was… Bill really wants her out of...

Vatican Official: Migrants Can Teach Western Women How to ‘Be Feminine Mothers’

Migrant mothers can teach Western women “to be both a feminine woman and to be mothers,” because of their unique experience of motherhood, a Vatican official said this weekend. Source: Breitbart News